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In the first year of the nursery schools (balwadis) the children spend their time playing, supervised by our well trained staff. Various kinds of play materials are provided for them which encourage cognitive and physical stimulation. Besides playing, early childhood services like nutrition, clean water, proper sanitation and primary healthcare are also provided.  In the second year the Tamil alphabet and maths are taught - as well as singing, dancing and story telling activities - to prepare the children for primary school.  The care the balwadis provide also plays a very important role in detecting and preventing problems the children from often traumatic backgrounds, might have.

Case study-1
I am Santha. My husband is an agricultural labourer and I am a weaver in RTU’s handloom unit. Both of us return home by the evening after work. When we went for work we were leaving our child Saranraj home alone. I was very worried about the safety of my child during our absence. We found a solution to this problem when we admitted my child in the Pre-School/Balwadi run by RTU. Balwadies are a boon to working parents like us who are not able to give parental care to the children in the daytime when we go out in search of daily bread. My child Saranraj was admitted in the balwadi in June 2005 when he was 3½ years old. For the first one or two days he was reluctant to go to the Balwadi but he soon got a taste for it.

Case study-2
This year saranraj is iun the 2nd year of the
balwadi. This year he is being taught the Tamil alphabet and numerals. To prepare the children for admission to primary school and to develop a taste in schooling is the main purpose of the 2nd year. Singing, dancing, story telling etc., are the other activities in the 2nd year. Within a short time my son was able to write Tamil and count up to 20. He also repeats the stories at home in full. We note a lot of changes in his habits like brushing his teeth, washing his hands and behaving politely with the family members and others.